+ WEEK 2 : Ideas Factory

DAY 3 : Reflection


(AM 10:30 - At school)

  Because of the enrollment issue, I turned up to school today.
I supposed to be here on Monday and do the task what
my class gave it.While I was taking my class, I found out
I had to be in a group and drew things with research.
Did the register. The girl who sat down next to me, Christin,
helped me out with a little explanation for the class that I missed.

Explained what happened to the tutors, got a short tutorial
about Moodle and Workflow. The tutorial was operating while
my class was going on so didn't have enough time to finish
my task exactly. I was struggling with the class hours.

(PM 2:00 - After launch)

Still struggling. Anxiety gave me a hard time. Still had
some problems what my task it was and a language problem
for discussion with my group. Sorry guys!

Ended up with pity final work. Wanted to hide somewhere
with my project for today.

(PM 6:00 - At home)

Looked back about class and made some questions for myself.

Q: Was the task going well?
A: To be honest, I didn't even look at my drawing.
Hard to figure out what was going on after missed two classes.
Need to catch up for the project. Missing classes bring me hell.

Q: What was the most hardest part for dealing with the class?
A: 1 Group work
2 Having discussion - Language
3 Getting ideas and organizing for presentation with limited time
4 Under pressure with obsessing perfection
5 Developing ideas in a better way

Being in a group for task is not my kind of way to sort
problems out. I know two heads are better than one but it
doesn't work same way all the time though.

The aiming of group thing is all about teamwork.
This world isn't here just for you. It is a good thing to know
learning a way how society works and growing capacity for my mind
from people's criticism. I understand why my class works
in this way. I just prefer to work on my own.

In order to deal with problems, need to sort my English skill
as soon as possible. So when I have ideas but stuck to develop it,
I can figure out with people who are in a same group.
Managing time with a limited circumstance, the solution will be
practicing drawing. That's it.

What I really liked about this lecture was how I arrange all
different things together and visualize it to have divers

I am looking forward to seeing size of my potential end of
this course.


Cannibalism - Glass – Disguise
Preface; Behind the window

 Believe it or not, we have all heard a story about cannibalism
at least once, maybe a familiar but prohibited place you have
never been to.
As a matter of fact, cannibalism exists for many reasons
in many different regions of the world, mainly for religious,
cultural or survival.

The most commonly known places are Central Africa, New Guinea,
Melanesia, a few parts of Australia, some Maori tribes
in New Zealand, Polynesia, Batak in Sumatra, and several tribes
in North and South America(mostly deep in the Amazon rain forest).
  From a religious point of view, the easiest example to give
would be Christianity from the Bible. We can find stories
of people consuming human bodies as a matter of sacrifice to
the Gods in times of famine, or to curse others. Long ago,
some tribes used cannibalism as part of religious ceremonies
involving immortality, afterlife, rebirth and the distributing
of spirits). Also as a symbol of revenge in modern times,
it can be easily found on the deep web, called Vorarephilia,
which is defined as an excessive paraphilia involved
with the sexual gratification of devouring, or being devoured.
If you enjoy watching films, there is good chance you’ve
had a chance to watch at least one film or series that
is based on, or involves cannibalism. Anyone that has been
impacted by these stories, may also notice that having a debate
about cannibalism is an uncomfortable one to have,but one that,
if looked at objectively may not be as black and white as one might
assume to begin with. It could be said therefore, that cannibalism
is one of the ‘ism’s’ that can cause passionate debates as it is
a subject that understandably involves acute sensitivity
and contains many questions about morality.
 I have attempted to reinterpret and expand the term
of Cannibalism from an unfamiliar perspective, one that has its
own complex character. My aim for this project was to try
and give people an experience, rather than just simply looking
at and trying to understand the concept behind my work from
a one-dimensional viewpoint by separating ‘them’ from ‘us’ simply
by geographical, religious, cultural or perverse reasons.
To do this I wanted to involve the ‘audience’ directly,
to actively think about the subject whilst participating
in it simultaneously.

> 2008 ‘The Midnight Meat Train’
In 2009, I watched ‘The Midnight Meat Train’ (2008).
The basic premise of this film was that a man butchered people
on late night trains to feed someone called “The God’.
The conclusion from the film was that mankind is nothing more
than flesh for the ‘Gods’. I was quite shocked by the film
for a few reasons, here are some.
First, the film was poor quality!
Second, as a person not believing absolutely but with
a fair trust of science, I had to verify my ideology again
about myself having a complex morality.
Third, it finally brings out of the result smudging of the
boundary for approaching with my previous morality
and scientific ways I had.
Fourth, therefore, this film seemed like an absolute
waste of time that hurt my self-formation.
I have a weak point in my own character whenever I watch
or read something, I start to think about its relationship
with society, modern morality and human nature in general.
With this film, as the end credits were rolling, I was being
a potty mouth and thinking about my own morality. Here is the
thing, even though human beings have been able to create a high
level of civilization, so far as being apex predators on the
food chain, we are also unable to escape the boundary of being
‘animals’. With the capacity of intelligence to create this
society though, does this give us enough of a reason or right
to punish others for things we deem unacceptable?
 Cannibalism has faded over the years with this advanced
society, but one reason it still exists is because of famine.
People have been forced to become cannibals for survival,
and although they eat animals as well, in times of hardship
they have to eat humans to survive.
We also have to consider the cannibals point of view,
especially the person that has been forced into this practice
for survival rather than out of choice, and therefore has to
face their own morality and question what they are having to
do to survive. Also, as laws are designed and implemented
by man, are the punishments fair and moral if this is a practice
required simply to survive? Taken to an extreme or ‘pure’ form
of objectivity, why is it acceptable to eat animals but not humans?
 On the other hand, if a cannibal has for instance,been
brought up in a culture where it is a normal practice,
but in the future they have access to other types of food,
but decides to kill people and eat them because they like
the taste, is this wrong?
Are they punishable for this choice? Or is it somehow
now ‘coded’ into them? Should we judge them the same way as
we would a murderer?
 In nature, you can view humans simply as animals, in which
case without laws, it would be plausible for this practice
to take place and you could argue that, it may be quite
commonplace, although as humans that have advanced socially,
we know it is morally wrong, and therefore laws are put in
place to stop the practice.
 We can find cannibalism (forced or not) from many apocalyptic
subject matters. The interesting thing is that people understand
the distinct circumstances even if it is inhumane.     
 In the end, the right to life has to come first before talking
about morality. However, this is the social norm created
by human beings, not from the order of nature. In order
to have a high intelligence animal, there is a reason existed
to be controlled by the law.
Each person has their own perspective and a different point
of view with the way they think about this. Because of this,
we need to give a model of behavior by using the law and
ask for the responsibility with accidents or crimes caused
from out side of the law.
That is the agreement between people. It is sad that we are so
intelligent yet we exterminate each other. Ruling laws to
be avoided for extinction. That is human beings.
 And then there is another animal coming out. It is
Vorarephilia. These animals do not think much, they
misunderstand themselves that they have a sexual issue
like paraphilia which is not sexual issue. For along time,
there was a rumor that they are wondering around the deep
web for human body markets to trade. As the word paraphilia,
they use cannibalism for sexual reasons, this is only for their
amusement or desire, it can be a symbol for being alive for them.
It’s so sad that they have to eat or be eaten to be happy.

It is kind of pathetic feeling that is the only way to
get satisfaction. Nothing else with lots of ingredients we have.
(I guess, for me, Hannibal is just a fit person to be only one
existed here as vorarephilia.) 
 Now that I mention Hannibal, people in 'The Midnight Meat Train'
or 'Hannibal' are all normal people during the daytime.
Their nasty furtive nature is achieved only during night time
and the tribes who do cannibalism for life are the same.
Meanwhile, there should be people existing to have their own
favorite part following their taste. Who knows that in this
class where I sit, the people in the park, or tube where I was,
or my dear friends or my family, could be one of them doing
secret hunting.
Here is a chess board.
  The strategy is very simple. With the given pieces,
you have to put an opponent in a defensive posture. Each piece
can betaken by your opponent. Men could live for a long time
and hardly die,but perish quite nothing of the way. Human
bodies are too delicate and weak to keep the spirit. It is
just too easy to be broken, like glass. This is the reason why
I picked glass as my material to make the chess pieces.

Made with sugar.This will represent of human body.
In these pieces, full of syrup is going to look just exactly
like blood.
Every sport reflects the personality of its players. Chess is
no different. In 64 squares, we will struggle and try to figure
out every 'FACE', or as many as we can, and in the meantime,
we will see lots of wiles and cruelty.
The players who wear surprisingly normal outfit with
ordinary faces but vigilantly await an opportunity will
play with you just like that. No one can guarantee that you
are going to be the actual normal one. The taken pieces, can
be placed onto your tongue or just left next to the board.
That is the player's choice.
If you want to keep this board forever, it’s best
to put it into the fridge. Like the one you hunted before.
Let us be yourself.
(*The original idea was filling with real human blood, by the way.)



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